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YoRaysun Technology is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D and production of precision mechanical parts over more than 10 years. Based on professional technology, excellent quality and efficient service, YoRaysun continues to innovate and research all kinds of new materials and processes to create value for our customers.

YoRaySun is stood by an outstanding scientific team, 40% of which has doctorate degrees. Meanwhile, YoRaySun cooperates with the research groups of the Zhejiang University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. We focus on the needs of our customers and provide professional technical advice and support to realize their needs for customized parts. YoRaySun is looking forward to establishing a mutually beneficial cooperation with you, and providing our high quality products and services.

Advanced facilities and equipment

YoRaysun imported advanced multi-level, multi-category facilities and equipment to fully ensure the high quality and efficiency of product production. Including:


lathe Imported from Japan, accurately processing various complex-shaped parts. Turn-milling composite machine Multifunctional turn-milling composite machine imported from Japan. Turning and milling of products on the same machine, processing in one go and reducing the number of clamping times.

5-axis turn-milling composite core machine

Advanced turn-milling composite core machine imported from Japan. It can excellently process high-precision products such as slender shafts and mold them in one step during production. The accuracy of general artifacts reaches 0.003mm.

4-axis machining center

Multi-functional 4-axis machining center imported from Japan which can produce multi-curved products. Multi-curved products can be processed and formed in one go.


YoRaysun Technology is equipped with numerous testing equipment to conduct adequate quality inspections to ensure that the products produced meet customers’ requirements. Including:


Introduction of process flow

We focus on the rigor and efficiency of the process to ensure that our products meet excellent quality standards at all stages of production.

CNC machining

Multifunctional CNC equipment enables the processing of precision and complex parts, ensuring the precision and stability of products.

Quality inspection

There are quality inspection procedures at each step during the whole production process to ensure product quality.

Packaging and delivery

Using safe packaging that comply with international standards, make sure the products are fully protected during transportation and storage.