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YoRaySun: Precision Solutions for Vehicle and Battery Mechanical Parts | EN

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive and electric vehicle industry, precision is paramount. Companies like BYD and Tesla demand the highest quality in every component, especially in the intricate world of precision mechanical parts. YoRaySun, with its cutting-edge processing capabilities, stands out as a key player in providing comprehensive solutions for these demanding industries.

Precision Mechanical Parts in the Vehicle and Battery Industry:

  1. Battery Cell Connectors: Among the critical components in electric vehicle batteries are the connectors that link individual battery cells. YoRaySun, equipped with state-of-the-art CNC lathes, ensures precise machining of these connectors. The imported Japanese CNC lathes tackle the complexity of the connectors, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency in the production process.
  2. Motor Shafts: The heart of an electric vehicle lies in its motor, and the precision of motor shafts is non-negotiable. YoRaySun’s 5-axis turn-milling composite core machine excels in crafting slender shafts with an accuracy reaching 0.003mm. This advanced machinery streamlines production, allowing for one-step machining of high-precision products crucial for electric vehicle propulsion systems.
  3. Battery Housing Components: The battery housing is a complex assembly requiring multifunctional capabilities. YoRaySun’s turn-milling composite machine imported from Japan simplifies the process. This machine performs turning and milling operations on the same platform, reducing clamping times and ensuring the production of flawless battery housing components.
  4. Heat Dissipation Fins: Electric vehicles often incorporate intricate heat dissipation systems, and precision in manufacturing heat dissipation fins is essential. YoRaySun’s 4-axis machining center, another Japanese import, excels in producing multi-curved products. This capability proves instrumental in crafting efficient heat dissipation fins, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of electric vehicle components.

Comprehensive Solutions by YoRaySun: Understanding the intricacies of the customer procurement process, YoRaySun offers a comprehensive solution. From the initial assessment of processing capabilities to product inspection and increasing purchasing volume, YoRaySun streamlines the supply chain. The integration of advanced machinery not only meets the stringent quality requirements of companies like BYD and Tesla but also aligns seamlessly with the industry’s general procurement processes.

Conclusion: In the pursuit of excellence, YoRaySun emerges as a key player in providing comprehensive solutions for precision mechanical parts in the vehicle and vehicle battery industry. With an array of cutting-edge processing equipment, YoRaySun is poised to contribute significantly to the evolution of electric mobility.

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